Case Study: Responsive Design for

This is s a great case study that has been prepared by .appentTo() detailing the work they did on the responsive design build. They dealt with more than 200 different Photoshop files for the technical front end cut up but were fortunate that Time gave them the ability
to make minor design decisions when running into issues with the responsive aspects. WIN WIN for the client.

Even with 200 comps there were still areas that were not designed.  To combat this appendTo followed a simple philosophy: When a component visually breaks, insert a breakpoint and have it match the comp for the next smaller breakpoint.

When approached appendTo in the second quarter of 2012, they were seeking to launch a responsive redesign of their website in time for the 2012 election. They planned to handle all of the design but needed appendTo to set the direction for the technical responsive approach and build a strong foundation for their internal team to pick up and carry to completion.

An excerpt from Case Study: Responsive Design for

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