Chatting with Adobe about Responsive Design and

The Boston Globe is one of the hallmark responsive design websites.  While everyone was saying “you can only do it on portfolio sites, no real website can run responsively” they stood up and showed that oh yes you bloody well can.

This video from Adobe shows how Upstatement and Filament Group put together such an amazing website, responsively, on the largest scale to be seen to date.

It’s a little ad’y, but it’s good to hear from the guys.

Earlier this fall, Todd, Scott and our friends at The Boston Globe and Upstatement sat down with Adobe’s video production team in Boston to discuss our development process for, considered to be the world’s first large-scale responsive website, and how the Adobe product suite helped out with the process. Thanks to everyone at Adobe for inviting us to the table!

An excerpt from Chatting with Adobe about Responsive Design and

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