Responsive Design of the Future with Flexbox

Flexbox will go a long way to revolutionise the layout of web pages allowing us to stop with the inline/block and floats for our layouts.

In CSS, float and clear serve for layout much the same way as the tables they replaced: As stand-ins that work well enough. But they’re still limited. One proposed solution is called the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module, commonly called the Flexbox.

Flexbox is a recommendation in CSS3 that enables designers to control the arrangement of elements on a page with more finesse than contemporary CSS approaches which have become common because we didn’t have a better solution.

True, we still don’t: Flexbox support is limited. But when Flexbox-savvy browsers become widespread, flexible layouts coupled with media queries will change the way designers approach web layout.

An excerpt from Responsive Design of the Future with Flexbox

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