An inside peek into the Polygon design process

Polygon was featured as one of the best 2012 responsive sites in our interview series. This article takes a look through the process, how they came up with the design and how they solved their content problems

It’s not every day you get to design a big ass new editorial site from scratch. This is a look into the design process for Polygon, the second of two huge projects tackled by Vox Product in 2012. Be warned: this is a deep look at our process and our work. Grab a beer or three, and join me for a walk through the past.

The project began with the liberation of an all-star editorial team to establish this new direction for gaming journalism. Chris Grant, Brian Crecente, Justin McElroy and Russ Pitts set out a vision for the site and selected a boss name. The Product Team set out to build a visual framework for the site itself.

An excerpt from An inside peek into the Polygon design process

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