Notes on 'It's a Write/Read Mobile Web'

Although LukeW’s talk at the Smashing Conference was focussed on a Write/Read web it touched on a few important points. Many implementations of responsive design I see focus purely on how the content is going to be consumed, and less so on how we can contribute to that content. At the very least our contact forms and comment boxes should be a focal point on making the interaction process easier. At the other end of the scale look at the complex interactions of booking a flight on a mobile device and imagine a better interface that takes more advantage of the touch and GPS inputs available rather than the mouse and keyboard controls that currently constrain our interfaces.

Here are my notes on his presentation, “It’s a Write/Read Mobile Web” presented at Smashing Conference in 2013. For more notes from the conference, see Luke’s excellent collection.

An excerpt from Notes on 'It's a Write/Read Mobile Web'

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