BBC News website: responsive design in beta

This week BBC have written about their responsive design news site and the plan to slowly roll out the beta version. I was sad to see the comment on this article complaining that the desktop version of the site has now been dummed down.

Someone correctly points out that 43% of mobile traffic means they still have a majority of 57% traffic on the desktop, however what they fail to realise is that the trend for mobile is rapidly increasing and those numbers will swap soon.

I for one love the work the BBC web team are putting in to moving across to a responsive site. They have arguably the largest readership in the world and are contributing a bunch of awesome responsive tools back into the community through GitHub. Well done!

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be showing a selection of our audience a more prominent option to view the responsive ‘beta’ site on tablet and desktops – In the UK, around 5-10% of the audience will see the following banner presented at the top of the existing site when viewed on a tablet or desktop. Internationally, this percentage will be lower.

An excerpt from BBC News website: responsive design in beta

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