Picturefill 2.0: Use the element today

The <picture> element is another step closer.

The clever Scott Jehl from the Filament Group has been working hard on creating a working polyfill that uses the <picture> element itself rather than using <span>’s as it has up until now.

Now they are finished and Picturefill has been released. We’ve already updated out template images in the Examples and Resources sections…. when will you do yours?

We started the Picturefill project over 2 years ago to provide an easy, responsible, and immediately-usable approach to delivering appropriate images to every browser and device – a goal commonly called “responsive images.” Since then, the approach has been used widely, on sites like Microsoft.com, Dribbble.com, and more.

An excerpt from Picturefill 2.0: Use the element today

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