RWD Bloat

Dave Rupert takes apart his own site in the journey of removing RWD bloat and creating a blazingly fast site. In this first article he takes stock of the current site and reviews stylesheets, images, javascript, and web fonts. It turns out only a small portion of the weight is attributed to RWD, and in his next article (below) he begins trimming some of the fat from the edges.

One of Responsive Web Design’s biggest critiques is that it is responsible for slow load times and extreme page bloat. The best response to this criticism is Tim Kadlec’s Great Divorce:

“Blame the implementation, not the technique”. – Tim Kadlec

tl;dr — If a page clocks in at 28MB and 399 HTTP Requests, that’s not the fault of responsive design, that’s the fault an organization that doesn’t care about web performance.

An excerpt from RWD Bloat

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