RWD Podcast Episode #19 : Ethan Marcotte

This week I’m joined by the Father of Responsive Design, Mr Ethan Marcotte. It was great to chat with Ethan about how he arrived in the field of web design, the fundamentals of responsive design and why they’re so important, and where he sees things moving in the future. Check out the podcast now.

My first studio job was remarkable, because there wasn’t any place to study web design at the time. This is in the early days of the 2000s, so most of the people I was working with had just fallen to the web for other industries I was working with. Former writers, fine artists, photographers, somebody who’d architecture pretty extensively, so the web for me has always been about this really great cross disciplinary view of building websites I think. That just really resonated with me, so I guess I’m also one of the folks who just stumbled into it.

An excerpt from RWD Podcast Episode #19 : Ethan Marcotte

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