Of patterns and power: Web Standars then & now

Jeffrey Zeldman talks about the importance of articles like Dan Mall’s Content & Display Patterns and Ethan Marcotte’s 24 Ways Putting my patterns through their paces, and how they are reinforcing the lessons already laid down in the past.

We need to continue to push progressive enhancement, the structure of our HTML to suit our content rather than our design, and to ensure that new web designers and developers joining the industry have the right foundations to proceed.

Because too many developers and designers in our amnesiac community have begun to believe and share bad ideas—ideas, like CSS isn’t needed, HTML isn’t needed, progressive enhancementis old-fashioned and unnecessary, and so on. Ideas that, if followed, will turn the web back what it was becoming in the late 1990s: a wasteland of walled gardens that said no to more people than they welcomed. Let that never be so. We have the power.

An excerpt from Of patterns and power: Web Standars then & now

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