Dave Goes Build

The other evening I had a few drinks with my long time friends Al and Bart to wet Darcey’s head. During out drinks we talked about WWDC and how underwhelmed we were but also about Microsoft Build conference and just how well they were coming up to speed with our industry. Dave Rupert attended the conference in person and you should take a look at what he’s go to say (it’s pretty much all good).

At the end of March, I was invited out as a part of the #davegoeswindows experiment to attend Build 2016, the annual Microsoft developer conference. Think WWDC or Google I/O, but for Windows developers. Over three days of keynotes, roundtables, breakout sessions, and an expo I was able to learn from and speak candidly with many people at Microsoft. Most of my questions were centered around the state of software, hardware, and where things are going in the Windows ecosystem.

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