Complexion Reduction: A New Trend in Mobile Design

Is mobile design simplifying to simple black and white design? If so should our mobile first websites go the same direction? It’s an interesting trend but as one astute comment put it “Form follow function. Following a trend doesn’t add value to the app. Understand the core purpose of the app and allowing visuals design to complement the purpose is more meaningful than to follow the latest trend.”

You’ve never heard of ‘Complexion Reduction’ you say? Well yea, that’s because I just made the term up. Recently I’ve noticed a new trend that is beyond flat design, beyond minimal design and independent of progressive reduction. Some may claim that this is just the next step of minimal design being implemented into the mobile realm but I say it is something more distinct. There are specific similarities and characteristics that define this new trend. So I decided to name it. I’m allowed to do that, right?

An excerpt from Complexion Reduction: A New Trend in Mobile Design

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