Making stakeholders aware of the impact of website performance

In this article, the first in a series, Jonathan Fielding explains the different kinds of performance (render, page load, perceived) and also covers how to make stakeholders understand the benefits of spending time improving performance.

When I build a website I obsess over performance. I will rip out a JavaScript library from a project and replace it by another to save an extra 10KB. I do this because I understand the impact of performance. Both as a developer who has built a wide variety of sites and as a user who spent last weekend struggling to get one bar of signal at a campsite.

While my experience as a developer means I will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the websites I build are performant, there is a limited amount of impact that I can have on my own. I therefore need to look at how I can champion performance with the project’s stakeholders to ensure that everyone is committed to ensuring the website is fast.

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