The (Not So) Secret Powers Of The Mobile Browser

Move over Native Apps, there’s a new kid in town. One of the coolest things in this article is the Sock website that uses <meta name="theme-color" content="#db5945"> to update the title bar colour to match the colour of the socks that you’re currently viewing. Ingenious!

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I’ve described how to enhance a website to add some native-like functionality. You could go one step further with a full-on progressive web app. In their article “Instant Loading Web Apps With an Application Shell Architecture,” Addy Osmani and Matt Gaunt refer to a progressive web app as a web app that “can progressively change with use and user consent to give the user a more native-app-like experience.” They cite an article in which Alex Russell describes progressive web apps as “websites that took all the rights vitamins.”

An excerpt from The (Not So) Secret Powers Of The Mobile Browser

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