Free, faster.

Ethan takes a look into the “Free” template world of popular CMS — Wordrpress, Drupal and the like. While it is great that people create free and cheap templates for these CMS platforms very little care or time is given to ensuring that their fast, and a lot of businesses that _need_ these cheaper options simply won’t have the technical know how to address the speed issues. It’s time we took charge!

Ethan Marcotte Responsive Web Design

On one of these projects, the client had picked a dozen or so prospective themes, which I offered to audit. While most of the designs touted their responsive layouts, they often had a raft of issues on devices that were older than a year or so. (An issue Stephanie Rieger’s touched on before.) If someone visits a site using hardware that’s more than a year old, they’re left with a broken, inaccessible experience.

An excerpt from Free, faster.

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