The New ZURB, Design Insights and the Future of Design

Zurb, my favourite responsive framework, have just released their new website and it is MAGNIFICENT.

It seems redundant to mention that it’s responsive and all the great things they’re doing because they just know how responsive design works.  None the less I’ll be going through the site in a lot more details and adding it to our growing list of responsive example websites.

They’ve got a wonderful way of getting you to explore the site as well, there are 42 different cows that you can find (try submitting a contact form to get your first cow). This is a great way to make your site even more sticky and explorable… and just plain fun!

Lastly, the site is filled with cows, 42 of them in fact. Why 42 cows? We’ll save that for a future post, but they’re hidden around the site in the most unexpected places. They’re just one of the many interactive elements of with many more to come.

We’re thrilled you’ve joined us as we carry out a new phase of our mission. We look forward to engaging with your organization in our project work to surface Design Insights, and use them to create amazing products and services. Start exploring our new site and see what Design Insights you can find!

An excerpt from The New ZURB, Design Insights and the Future of Design

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