Measuring web performance; it’s really quite simple

Should you measure load time? Responsiveness to user inputs? Page-to-page navigation? Do you do this for users in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or Silicon Valley? Fiber, 4G, loon? On a Moto G4 or an iPhone 7? And which browser — one that supports preload and HTTP/2, or something a little more retro?

And will you be reporting on the average load time? (Absolutely not. The whole concept of the ‘average’ is yet another thing that Newton got wrong.) So maybe you’ll report on the median, or perhaps display a histogram of what the users actually experience?

A reasonable person might come the conclusion that this is all a bit hard, and put it on their ‘tomorrow’ list.

But it doesn’t need to be so complex, as I hope to demonstrate in this post.

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