CSS Grid: Bringing true two-dimensional layout to the web

This is a great talk from Melanie Richards from Microsoft around the CSS Grid. It’s one of my favourite talks in terms of covering off the most important elements of the specification and it is somewhat of a nice story to hear on how the whole Grid Spec started with Microsoft and should be shipping in Edge in October of 2017.

I was excited to see a mention of Dudley Story at the end of the talk which referenced the Periodic Table that he built using the CSS Grid, the same exact use case that I came up with to illustrate the power of CSS Grid when it comes to positioning elements on the page.

Microsoft Web Summit CSS Grid Layout

CSS Grid Layout promises to revolutionise layout on the web, bringing true two-dimensional layout to the web for the first time. We’ll show how Grid Layout got started at Microsoft in XAML, and through partnership with standards bodies and the community, is now shipping simultaneously across all major browsers in 2017. You’ll learn how Grid can help you bring powerful, innovative, and flexible layouts to your sites, and how to manage fallback to older browsers and devices.

An excerpt from CSS Grid: Bringing true two-dimensional layout to the web

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