Introducing the New Firefox: Firefox Quantum

One of the biggest releases occurred this week with Firefox releasing v57 better known as Firefox Quantum. It is twice as fast as it was 6 months ago and Mozilla believes it will be on target to be twice as fast again in 2018.

So why such a big deal? Well for the first time since making a move across to Chrome back in the late naughties, I’ve reset my default browser to Firefox. This comes down to the leaps and bounds of developer tools and having the best CSS Grid inspector, but mainly down to the fact that it feels faster (and keeps the laptop fan quiet).

Firefox Quantum RWD Banner

It’s fast. Really fast. Firefox Quantum is over twice as fast as Firefox from 6 months ago, built on a completely overhauled core engine with brand new technology stolen from our advanced research group, and graced with a beautiful new look designed to get out of the way and let you do what you do best: surf a ton of pages, open a zillion tabs, all guilt free because Firefox Quantum uses less memory than the competition. Your computer will thank you.  🙂

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