Mental Illness in the Web Industry

I lost my best friend to mental illness a few years ago. It was, and still is, a tragedy and one which I’m not sure I’ll ever fully get over. Mental Health/Illness is a very serious issue, both in and outside of the web industry. If you ever struggle with mental health please know that I, and I’d warrant the rest of the web community, are there for you if you ever need it. Check out the article.

The picture of the tortured artist has endured for centuries: creative geniuses who struggle with their metaphorical demons and don’t relate to life the same way as most people. Today, we know some of this can be attributed to mental illness: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and many others. We have modern stories about this and plenty of anecdotal information that fuels the popular belief in a link between creativity and mental illness

An excerpt from Mental Illness in the Web Industry

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