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I’ve already mentioned that you absolutely go out and buy Offline, the new A Book Apart book from Jeremy Keith. Well, Jeremy kindly has shared a tonne of really helpful links that will help you learn more about the topic… but seriously the book does the best job.

Jeremy Keith - Adactio site screenshot

At the end of my new book, Going Offline, I have a little collection of resources relating to service workers. Here’s how I introduce them:

If this book were a podcast, then this would be the point at which I would be imploring you to rate me on iTunes (or I’d be telling you about a really good mattress). Instead, I’d like to give you some hyperlinks so that you can explore some of the topics in this brief book in more detail.

It always feels a little strange to publish a list of hyperlinks in a physical book, so I figured I’d republish them here for easy access…

An excerpt from Service worker resources

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