PWA: Progressive Web All-the-things

Progressive web apps have come a long way over the past three years. I remember listening to Jake bang on about the service worker in a Shop Talk podcast and feeling overly excited about the possibilities. Now it’s in more than one browser, and so much more can be done. In this article Paul Kinlan looks at where it should continue to grow

PWA Progressive Web App Logo

My personal feeling is that everyone is really hung up on the A in PWA: ‘App’. It’s the success and failure of the branding of the concept; ‘App’ is in the name, ‘App’ is in the conscious of many users and businesses and so the associations are quite clear.

To be absolutely clear, myself and many others across our team pushed hard on the ‘App’ term in the context of PWA, specifically in relation to competing with Mobile native experiences. Andrew Betts’ post had a good summary against our original positioning, and whilst I don’t think we were wrong, we did miss a chance to help the wider story specifically around form-factors that were not so mobile centric.

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