Improving Client-Side Performance

A cracking list of suggestions from TJ Fogarty about how to get the most out of your site when it comes to performance when launching or reviewing a website.

I’m currently looking at expanding upon the Am I Responsive tool to also incorporate performance metrics about the site that people are reviewing. While the tools itself was designed purely for screenshots, it couldn’t hurt also notifying people where they could improve their site from a performance point of view.

I need something light weight, fast, command line based…. any suggestions? If you know something that might fit the bill please ping me on justin@ this domain.

These opportunities for client-side improvements are typically more common among websites rather than web apps. I think this is because of the tooling that comes with modern web app development e.g., vue-cli handles code-splitting, and generates a service worker. With build tools like webpack, or Gulp, it also means you can install a plugin to slot somewhere in the process that takes care of some of these. Others need some TLC, and a sympathetic ear.

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