Going Fullscreen On iPad Safari 🤩

There’s two amazing things about coming across this article. First, it’s great to see that iPad (iOS Safari) are now supporting full screen mode and; secondly, how cool is the Bubblin superbooks. There’s a tonne of free content with some great titles and all available in the browser.

I worked on a little side project to take a publicly available PDF and turn it into a web based book that you can read offline using A Briefer History of Time.

While there are some issues with the current implementation of fullscreen api on the iPad Safari, that we’ll get to shortly, this update from Apple has been nothing short of a bonus for us. We built fullscreen right into Bubblin Superbooks for our readers. This post explains how we implemented it, but before we start let’s take a look at the current level of vendor support (external link) at Caniuse first:

An excerpt from Going Fullscreen On iPad Safari 🤩

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