Firefox 65 release

What a cracker jack box of amazing that is Firefox 65. This could be a newsletter edition on its own, but for now I’ll list my highlights. CSS Flexbox inspector to allow you to see where/why items are sitting on a page, their flex state and the space available, a great edition to the existing Grid inspector and Shape Path editor.

  • CSS Changes panel: allows you to see all the changes (both added and removed) to your CSS so that you can play them back into your code editor.
  • Color Contrast Ratio which also provides a range across a complex background (think images or gradients).
  • Finally (there’s actually loads more) Firefox now supports WebP which is amazing. You can use the <picture> element to provide fallbacks, but it’s now really only safari holding out (although it seems they’re testing them).

Well now, there’s no better way to usher out the first month of the year than with a great new Firefox release. It’s winter for many of us, but that means more at-home time to install Firefox version 65, and check out some of the great new browser and web platform features we’ve included within. Unless you’d rather be donning your heavy coat and heading outside to grit the driveway, that is (or going to the beach, in the case of some of our Australian chums).

An excerpt from Firefox 65 release

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