A report from the AMP Advisory Committee Meeting

For the longest time I’ve been sharing Terence’s posts about AMP, all of which have been a negative outlook towards the project. Terence now sits on the Advisory Committee for AMP (keep your friends close and all that) and they recently met in person in London. I’m glad someone like Terence is part of the group and will help bringing the issues to the forefront

The meeting was good natured. While there were some robust discussions, the AC seemed fairly unified that Google had to seriously rework parts of the AMP project.

As I said in the meeting – if it were up to me, I’d go “Well, AMP was an interesting experiment. Now it is time to shut it down and take the lessons learned back through a proper standards process.”

I suspect that is unlikely to happen. Google shows no sign of dropping AMP. Mind you, I thought that about Google+ and Inbox, so who knows!

An excerpt from A report from the AMP Advisory Committee Meeting

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