Less Data Doesn’t Mean a Lesser Experience

Another wonderful article from Tim where he takes a look at the save-data header. Someone was worried that when people enabled save data that they’ll get a worse experience, but this shows ways that you can still maintain a great experience while still honouring your brand and you user’s preferences.

Often we serve high-resolution images to high-resolution screens. When the Save-Data header is enabled, we could instead serve up a lower resolution image by default.

That’s exactly what Shopify is doing now. If I open the homepage with Save-Data off on my phone, the site weights 906kb. 292kb of that are images.

If I pass the Save-Data header and reload the page, the site weighs 791kb, with 176kb of that being images. That’s a 12% drop in page weight. And visually, I frankly can’t tell the difference.

An excerpt from Less Data Doesn’t Mean a Lesser Experience

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