Why Are Accessible Websites so Hard to Build?

The other day one of the Creative Directors at work approached me very excited. He wanted our next web project to win an award for Accessibility… certainly something I could get behind.

The thing was, however, is that he wanted to create a website that would be featured on Awwwards, but have a toggle button which stripped back the ‘glitter’ and let the user with an accessible version.

There should really only be one version, and one that is accessible for everyone at first view, not behind a toggle.

In this article Robin looks at ways that our text editors can help remind us when we might be going off piste.

Here’s an example: when developing a site, JavaScript errors are probably going to be caught because everything breaks if something goes wrong. And CSS bugs are going to get caught because something will look off. But the accessibility or performance of a website can go from okay to terrible overnight and with no warning whatsoever. The only way to fix these invisibly broken things is to first make them visible.

An excerpt from Why Are Accessible Websites so Hard to Build?

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