The Mythical Mythical Man-Month

The idea of the man-month (need not be a man) is that you can not simnply add more developers to a project to shorten the delivery time, and in fact that adding more people will delay delivery further. The article author, John Foreman who is Chief Product Office at Mailchimp (and therefore has my undivided attention), goes through this idea and shows how it doesn’t have to be true.

As a product leader at a tech company, I am a bottomless pit of need. My job as the Chief Product Officer at Mailchimp is to bring the product to market that’s going to win in a very competitive space. Mailchimp’s aspirations are high, and to realize them we need to deliver a substantial amount of product to the market. Oftentimes to many at the company, it feels like we are doing too much. We’re always at the edge of the wheels coming off.

An excerpt from The Mythical Mythical Man-Month

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