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A few years back I changed the way in which the standard WordPress post type was rendered on the front end to focus more around sharing news/tools from other sites.

This has been great, but I also set it up to require certain fields within the design for it to work correctly, things like the article title, the author, the link to the specific article, the link to the site, an image etc etc.

With all of these additional requirements it has meant that the standard post type doesn’t really work the way that I need it to now, or at least I’m sure it doesn’t.

I’m posting this post to check how it is going to display on the front end to get me to the point where I can make a few decisions.

  1. Should I use the “Article” post type for short forms of content, rather than saving them for longer thought pieces and the newsletter archive?
  2. Do I need to update the layout design for the standard post type and differentiate this kinds of posts vs the news posts?
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