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Testing One Thumb, One Eyeball Mobile Use

Mobile Apps: The Trouble With Using 'Responsive Design'

An opposing view on responsive design in this article that sides with a mobile specific method. A good read, although some of the arguments for mobile could be argued just as easily for responsive design.

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Data Monday: Physical Device & Viewport Sizes

With the arrival of the 7″ iPad mini Luke Wroblewski takes a look at how web pages scale when devices get smaller but the resolutions remain the same.

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Responsive Web Design and Web Analytics

A great technique on investigating your analytic funnels across devices sizes and orientations.

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Responsive Menu Concepts

When it comes to responsive design we are faced with various techniques on how to best handle altering our navigation menus for small screens. The resources seem endless. Here are four main concepts with advantages and disadvantages of all of them.

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Getting responsive videos with FitVids

This is a short tutorial and video cast on how to get up and running with fitvid.js, a little jquery plugin developed by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier.

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15+ Comprehensive Responsive Web Design Tutorials

In this article gonzo shares 18 useful responsive design tutorials to help you get started with responsive designing including fluid grids, fluid images and media queries.

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Webkit add support for resolution media query

Opportunities and Challenges of Responsive Design

Web Designer Depot takes a look at the brilliances of what you can achieve with responsive design while at the same time being up front with the challenges that you’re also bound to face. Opportunities The opportunities they review include Low maintenance Brand Consistency Usability No redirections (ackk) Load times To be honest I think […]

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Easy retina-ready images using SCSS

A Sassy way to deal with retina images through the use of mixins.

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Bringing Responsiveness to Apps

The very first responsive theme that I bought was the IA responsive wordpress theme.  Now it appears they’re extending their responsiveness into the IA Writer App itself.

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Responsive Navigation: Optimizing for Touch Across Devices

Luke Wroblewski and Jason Weaver take a look at a series of touch screen devices ranging from 4″ smart phones up to 13.3″ touch screen tablet/laptops.  They divide the navigation techniques into Split Screen Navigation, Multi-Level Bottom Navigation, Split Screen Navigation with a background, and a Single Row.  They also take a closer look at […]

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Adaptive Content Management

I was fortunate enough last week to sit and chat with Mark about this blog post during Web Directions last week. He breaks down RWD beyond the design and media queries and looks at the tools that are available to serve the content. Responsive design isn’t just for the front end groupies, we need to […]

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Let's get more responsive

Ryan Swarts puts together a great overview presentation on responsive design.

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I caught Zoe presenting during the Environment for Humans RWD Summit conference and it was awesome.  Take a look through the slides and check out the plethora of links that she provides here if you want to know anything and everything about CSS layouts around responsive design.

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Stop designing for fixed viewports!

Dan Eden takes a look at why designing for specific device sizes is a bad idea.  Stop doing it, stop it now.

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New Rule: Every Desktop Design Has To Go Finger-Friendly

It seems that Luke and Josh were together in looking at the touch capabilities of larger devices.

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Case Study: Responsive Design for

This is s a great case study that has been prepared by .appentTo() detailing the work they did on the responsive design build. They dealt with more than 200 different Photoshop files for the technical front end cut up but were fortunate that Time gave them the ability to make minor design decisions when […]

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Time Moves to Responsive Design

Time magazine is following the Boston Globe with their recent release of TIME as a single code base responsive design. We have featured time magazine in our own list of responsive implementations.

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iOS Six Fix

For those of you that had to include the iOS rotation fix for the orientation and scale bug for mobile safari you can breathe a sign of relief, it’s no longer an issue with ios6.

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