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Stop designing for fixed viewports!

Dan Eden takes a look at why designing for specific device sizes is a bad idea.  Stop doing it, stop it now.

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New Rule: Every Desktop Design Has To Go Finger-Friendly

It seems that Luke and Josh were together in looking at the touch capabilities of larger devices.

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Case Study: Responsive Design for

This is s a great case study that has been prepared by .appentTo() detailing the work they did on the responsive design build. They dealt with more than 200 different Photoshop files for the technical front end cut up but were fortunate that Time gave them the ability to make minor design decisions when […]

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Time Moves to Responsive Design

Time magazine is following the Boston Globe with their recent release of TIME as a single code base responsive design. We have featured time magazine in our own list of responsive implementations.

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iOS Six Fix

For those of you that had to include the iOS rotation fix for the orientation and scale bug for mobile safari you can breathe a sign of relief, it’s no longer an issue with ios6.

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Are you just including what HTML5 boilerplate told you to include? Did you know that they’ve recently changed the meta viewport tag in the boilerplate? If you want to learn more then this is the article for you. Javier takes you through each of the options for the viewport and explains what they mean.

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