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Keep up with the latest news and developments around responsive design and the new direcitons that web designa and development are taking.

Data Monday: How Long To a Mobile Majority?

The case for responsive web content: it's all about the users

An Event Apart: Responsive Design Workflow

Apple preparing smaller iPad for September production, WSJ reports

How To Maintain Readable Type In Responsive Design

Mobile: Do I need an app for that?

Say hello to the new ISO

SitePoint Podcast #168: Secret Src with Jeremy Keith

Responsive Menus: Enhancing Navigation On Mobile Websites

35 Awesome Premium Responsive HTML Website Templates

Optimizing vs. Adapting for Devices

Responsive Design as a Standard

Responsive web design: a project-management perspective

Picture Element Proposal

how much does a responsive web design cost?

Showcase of Wonderful Responsive WordPress Themes

Zurb Off Canvas Layouts

Debunking Responsive CSS Performance Myths

A responsive ebook built with web standards

BBC TV Channel Homepages: Responsive Design

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