RWD Podcast #48

AMP pages, conference discounts and responsive redesigns are all the rage this week.

RWD Podcast
RWD Podcast

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This week we take a quick preview of the up coming RWD Summit and offer up a discount code for 20% off (but you have to listen to get it, of course). While on the conference band wagon we also talk about the CSS Dev Conference opening up for proposals... get your talk in now.

Google release their new RWD resizrvery similar to another tool we've seen.

Finally we talk about content modelling (with Jekyll) and how it makes it a lot easier to roll out things like Apple News feeds or AMP pages if you decide you want to push your content out there as well. Speaking of AMP pages, I also talk through how you set up an AMP page properly and the bits you need to include (but are not told about).

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