Going Offline

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Going Offline

If I were to pick my second favourite A Book Apart book from the list of more than thirty it would be Going Offline by Jeremy Keith (you can’t shake Ethan’s RWD book from number 1 on the list).

It can be so highly ranked because it will go down in the history of the web as being ‘the thing’ you do when you build websites in the future.  We all spent time trying to convince people to go with responsive sites, and now we build them by default, and the same will happen with Service Workers and Progressive Web Apps… all future sites will have an offline option.

So, let’s take a look at the types of things you can expect to learn.

Going Offline Contents

  1. Introducing Service Workers
  2. Preparing for Offline
  3. Making Fetch Happen
  4. Cache Me If You Can
  5. Service Worker Strategies
  6. Refining Your Service Worker
  7. Tidying Up
  8. The Offline User Experience
  9. Progressive Web Apps
  • Book Name

    Going Offline

  • Author

    Jeremy Keith

  • Number of Pages


  • Publisher

    A Book Apart

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