The Mobile Book

The Mobile Book contents from Smashing Magazine
The Mobile Book

The mobile book is the latest in the release of quality resources from Smashing Magazine, and unlike some of their previous ebooks this is not a series of articles collated into an easy to read format but instead some brilliant insight into the mobile world from some leading thinkers.

Our brand new printed Mobile Book features the most important things that you need to know as a designer, developer or mobile strategist for your websites. You’ll dive deep into the peculiarities of the mobile industry, explore responsive design strategy, design patterns and optimization techniques, learn about wireframing and prototyping for mobile as well as the guidelines for designing with gestures and touch. As an extra, the book provides insights into the popular platforms such as iOS, Windows Phone etc. as well as introduces developing and debugging techniques for advanced HTML5 Web applications.

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The book is literally in the mail at the moment so stay tuned for a review to come.

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