Ink: Zurb Responsive Email Templates

Ink: Zurb Responsive Email Templates

Zurb do a lot of great things for the web community.  Zurb Foundation is what I consider to be their flagship product (because it’s awesome and free) and they have now expanded on that with these brilliant responsive email templates.

We are responsible for Responsive Design Weekly so are very aware of how important it can be to ensure that your email responds to the device it is viewed upon, with more than 35% of our readers consuming the content on a smart phone.

Check out their Playground or download all the templates.

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    Ink: Zurb Responsive Email Templates

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We've put together this set of super awesome email templates so that you can make your email campaigns responsive! With more and more people pulling out their phones to check their email, we knew there had to be an easier way to ensure campaigns looked good on any device. That's why we recently made all our email campaigns responsive. Which had a lot of folks asking if we could do the same for them. And so we did.

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