Flickity – touchable, responsive, carousel

Flickity – touchable, responsive, carousel

Flicity is a tool that I came across while doing the review of the Takagrour site. It is a vanilla javascript (so not dependent on something like jQuery) that provides you with robust API’s to implement the most complex of touch enabled carousels.

Usually I’m against carousels, but that isn’t to say the carousel isn’t without it’s place in a great web design. If you’re building a photo slide show, or you have an e-commerce store to feature products, or you want to provide a multi-step on boarding experience then a responsive touch carousel is a great fit.

One of the things that I like most about Flicity is the fact that you can implement it in so many different ways, and the lazy load approach is my favourite.

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    Flickity – touchable, responsive, carousel

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Flickity provides a lightweight touch responsive interface for building simple carousels for your website. It can be used with jQuery or with just vanilla JavaScript.

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