Muuri Responsive filterable grids

Muuri, apparently Finnish for Wall, is a javascript plugin that will allow you to create a filterable, sortable, stackable responsive wall of stuff. This little plugin is what you would get if you combined Masonry, Isotope, Packery and jQuery UI Sortable.

Although these days we have pretty flexible grids out of the box with regular ol’ HTML and CSS through the use of CSS Grids and Flexbox, there are still occasions we want these to be interactive and allow for filtering, stacking or the moving of objects from one place to another (think of Trello or another Kanban board for example). That is where the Muuri Plugin comes into its own.

There are a few dependencies for the touch and animation capabilities which require both hammer.js and velocity.js so if you’re going to be using this I’d recommend asyncing these files in concatenating them together during the build process.

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Responsive, sortable, filterable and draggable grid layouts

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