• Setting VS Code Server as a service

    January 4th, 2021

    After recently installing VS Code onto a server so that I could access a development platform via the iPad, I had trouble setting it to run as a service. The command below sets it as a service so it’s always running, even after a reboot.

  • Detecting missing alt text

    February 3rd, 2020

    alt text on images is an important requirement for accessibility and is one of the most commonly skipped items.

  • Allow file directory listing using .htaccess

    June 10th, 2019

    The other day a client was unable to access video files through any of our usual methods of file sharing: Dropbox Google Drive WeTransfer Firefox Send The files we needed to share were examples of the animations we would be including into their site build. We could have uploaded them to Vimeo/YouTube and shared the […]

  • Styling an external link a href

    July 13th, 2017

    This is a super simple way to distinguish external and internal links on your site without having to require the content editors to do anything more than link to what they need to. The trick to display different styles for external links comes through the use of the attribute selector. You can include anything you […]

  • Vertical -> Horizontal Feature Home Page Layout

    March 24th, 2017

    This week the snippet comes from a component/module that I had created in codepen to show a client what I was referring to when talking about the layout changing from vertical to horizontal when increasing the viewport. There are three key feature blocks that need to be shown “above the fold”, on small screens we […]

  • Show title attribute when using abbr element

    February 2nd, 2017

    I had a request from an international client to change the way the current site location was being shown. They have an office in Asia Pacific, which is also known as APAC for short. On smaller screens they wanted to use the abbreviation while on larger screens then wanted the full title. One approach that […]

  • Print Styles

    January 30th, 2017

    We love to have sites that render our content beautifully on every device, but often the lonely ol’ printer is forgotten. This snippet provides you with some basic styling that Puts a page break in for every <section> Sets a margin around the content on the paper Sets any code block sto have page breaks […]

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