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Service worker resources

May 16th, 2018 by Jeremy Keith

I’ve already mentioned that you absolutely go out and buy Offline, the new A Book Apart book from Jeremy Keith. Well, Jeremy kindly has shared a tonne of really helpful links that will help you learn more about the topic… but seriously the book does the best job.

The Basics of Information Architecture

May 15th, 2018 by Noupe Editorial

I’m not a visual designer, but I can design the crap about of information and data! It’s one of my favourite parts of the job, working out the information that needs to appear on the page, and how that content can link with other information on the site in intelligent ways that create a great […]

HTML Buddies

May 14th, 2018 by Chris Coyier

I’m not sure why I’ve never featured these before, but the CodePen challenges are something that you should check out and participate. This week it’s all about combining HTML elements and in this case it is the <ins> and <del> elements.  

The Surprising Science Behind Colour Codes

May 4th, 2018 by Patrick Woodhead

Have you ever wondered about the science behind colour? I recently did a lot of research on this very topic when creating the CMYK Notebook set. I still remember using the Primary Colours in school, Red/Blue/Yellow which allowed you to create any other colour. This article looks at five different approaches to colour theory and […]

Fresh From The Podcast

RWD Podcast #69 – Service Workers for everyone!

April 6th, 2018

With the arrival of iOS11.3 we now have service workers on Apple devices, meaning a wave of PWAs are about to hit us. HOORAH!

RWD Podcast #68 – One size fits all Service Worker

March 9th, 2018

This week I go over Jeremy Keiths new one size fits all service worker and possible use cases for service workers on travel sites. We celebrate International Women’s Day and look back on a year with CSS Grid.

Most Recent Articles

How do I preview Google Search for Jobs?

May 6th, 2018

Google Search for Jobs is going to be the biggest new thing in the recruitment world since job boards aggregated all of the jobs into one central location to make the candidate journey a little easier. Everyone is up for an easier journey! That ease of journey, along with several billion dollardsin the recruitment/talent industry […]

AMP is not the issue, it’s Google

March 9th, 2018

Just as I was hitting ‘schedule campaign’ on the RWD Weekly newsletter the Google AMP team published an article about a new announcement. It seemed that after a long list of blog posts questioning the ethical existence of AMP and Google’s technical application of the AMP results in their search the team were addressing our […]

Why isn’t my iframe loading?

February 25th, 2018

One of my favourite side projects over the years is Am I Responsive, a little tool that provides a high fidelity view of your website across four different devices (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop). You can read about how the tool was made, but essentially it is a set of four <iframe> that load in an […]